2013   UAMO Festival “PLAY TIME” catalog

2012   Intervention. Young Literature - musical and visual arts event. Yerevan. Armenia 

2012   Aye Aye fim festival 18 edition catalog

2012   Gyumri Asparez. 14.07.2012

2012   Eghegan Pogh. Painted Self/Poetry- visual. 1-2.02 2012

2011   VIEW: Armenian Contemporary Art catalog

2011   Young Artists progressive ideas cataloge. Gyumri, Armenia  

2011   City.Territory.Space.Person – small size book. Gyumri, Armenia

2010   Spying on Armenia Festival catalog. ACCEA. Yerevan, Armenia

2010   «50» Exhibition catalog. Gyumri, Armenia

2008   Zartonq Cultural magazine. Gyumri, Armenia

2005   Graphic Art 2005 Exhibition catalog. Gyumri, Armenia 

1(11)/2005   Armenian Art Cultural magazine. Yerevan, Armenia

11.25.2004   Kumayri newspaper. Gyumri, Armenia

2003 Gyumri’s 3-rd International Biennial catalog. Gyumri, Armenia

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